New summer menus available from 12th Sept.

  • Lucky Strike came to us in 2013 fearing there brand was getting old and they wanted to create a new customer experience… We held tastings on-site in the Chicago branch..

  • Independent Hotel Restaurants, all F&B for Hotels.  Re-Concepted Restaurants for both hotels included: Menu development for FTW new high end arcade concept, Executed tasti

  • La Havana is full of archaeological and cultural attractions and will soon have another reason to stand out…   In 2017 we’ll be responsible for Concept Design

  • The sandwich world changed when Mendocino Farms opened its doors.  Our creative and operations involvement with the launch of the original store included  Menu Development, ta

  • Frank and Rod spent time in Hong Kong developing the menu, developing recipes, executing tastings and sourcing local and international vendors for Sé sa me. they also designed

  • Me Geisha Sushi Bar opens in Rome early December 2015 by PLH’s the Food Buddha- Rodelio Aglibot.  Rodelio has just landed in Rome with the new restaurant ME GEISHA, Luxu

  • Chefs, Entrepreneurs & Restaurateurs.  We know what it’s like to go through the daily grind of operations and dream of having your own space. Pilot Light Hospitality

  • As trend watchers could have predicted, New York City locals are becoming poké (poh-kay) obsessed. With several new restaurants dedicated to the Hawaiian fish bowl, the trend

  • In today’s dining landscape competition for the general public’s commitment to your brand and the consistent challenge to gain market share and increase revenue is never endin

  • Training, both initial and ongoing of all personnel that impact the guest dining experience is the most measurable and telling aspect in the long term success of your business

  • When schools in California’s Sausalito Marin City District return to session this August, they were the first in the nation to serve their students 100 percent organic meals,

  • As minimum wages continue to increase with the national target being set at $15 per hour operators look for alternate methods to offset those cost.   New equipment capable of