Restaurant Concept Development by Pilot Light Hospitality

New Concept Development

In today’s world, the restaurant industry is more competitive than ever. Concept development is the first step to being competitive. You need the right strategy to compete with others in your market or your margins could become even more thin or disappear altogether. So don’t fall into common mistakes that restaurant owners make with their concept and implementation of a great idea. Here are three reasons to let Pilot Light Hospitality help you with your restaurant growth and concept development:


Experience and Reputation with Successful Concept Development


You don’t want just anyone helping you with your restaurant. If you use the wrong people, you could end up getting advice from someone who is not experienced or proven yet. As a result, you might spend ages spinning your wheels and trying to undo the damage.


Instead, go with a firm that is skilled and experienced in restaurant concept development. We have helped entrepreneurs and restaurant groups all over the world. Our approach to hospitality helps our clients achieve their vision and the financial success they want. We help you with all of your restaurant concept needs with our in-house experts. They work on your account personally to ensure that your plan will work for you at the small level and higher levels.


Third Perspective to Bolster Your Concept Development Process


In business, you can’t go it alone. You need to have someone else to give you insights or lead you in the direction that might your blindspot. If you don’t, you could end up making mistakes that cost you money or take months to recover from.


When you have a third person perspective, you are getting a neutral view of your situation. It is like going from the five foot level to the ten thousand foot level in a moment. Therefore, issues that seemed complicated all of the sudden become more clear.


This is the kind of help we bring to the table. Our concept development consulting process has helped entrepreneurs and investors just like you all across the globe to put their vision into action and clarify what success looks like for them. Our experience allows us to help you on a deeper level so that you aren’t just looking at the surface of your business and are confident through the entire concept development process.

Reason #1: Avoid waste and costly mistakes

Reason #2: Improve cash-flow and financial planning

Reason #3: Raise the profit ceiling of your restaurant

Restaurant Concept Development and Design

As a part of your restaurant concept development, you need to pick a design that you are going to implement with your space. Not all restaurant concepts are created equally. If you don’t have the right design for your restaurant, you could end up turning away the very customers you want to attract.


Not only will you lose immediate business this way, but it is very expensive to go back and change the flooring, foundation, walls, decorations, and even equipment that all make up a big part of your design concept. This can be demotivating to say the least. Get the design right the first time by leaning on expert assistance.


At PLH, we help people with restaurant concepts every day. It’s simply what we do. Because of that, we are not scattered in various design areas. We can can hone our skilled experts onto your issues so that you end up with a design that establishes the right mood, feeling, and experience you want your customers to have so they keep coming back for more.

Menu Development and Design

There is almost nothing more important in your restaurant than the menu design. Menu design is an integral part to your concept development. A great menu can set the tone immediately and make it easy for people to find and order your best dishes and drinks. A bad menu will leave a bad first impression and could reduce sales. There are two parts to a great menu.


Firstly, the physical design, color, print type, and other visual variables are crucial. No matter what kind of food you serve, you need great visuals. Secondly is the type of food you will serve. We will help you with both of these aspects and more without issue.


When it comes to designing, growing, and analyzing your restaurant business, it can be overwhelming. However, thanks to the tools and resources available to you at PLH, it doesn’t have to be. We can help you avoid errors that other business owners are making while leveraging your skills and what makes your concept unique. So get in touch with us today and let us help you go from where you are now with your restaurant’s concept development to where you truly want to be.

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