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Restaurant Consulting

Restaurant consulting encompasses a wide range of individual services and strategies.  Pilot Light Hospitality starts with identifying the needs and goals of a client and recommends the best areas to start and build from.  Our restaurant consulting services is better than others because of our focus on customer service.  We start with actually answering our phone and offering a free consultation session.

Reason #1: Avoid waste and costly mistakes

Reason #2: Improve cash-flow and financial planning

Reason #3: Raise the profit ceiling of your restaurant

Why Hire

for Restaurant Consulting

Hiring a restaurant consultant like Pilot Light Hospitality is something we truly encourage all new restaurant entrepreneurs and expanding restaurant owners to undertake.  When we take on a client we are able to provide a caring and objective analysis of what we thing will (or is) working, what opportunities are available, what opportunities we could make available, and what issues are (or can) hold a restaurant back from reaching the potential the client expects.  We like to remind our clients that seemingly minor items can impact the bottom line and cost money.  Having an experienced and impartial third party approach your business with the best intentions for your needs and goals prevents you from wasting time and money.  Furthermore, a restaurant consultant can improve the potential profits after implementing our consulting strategies…a welcome outcome that many of our clients admit they didn’t know was possible.

How to choose

Restaurant Consulting Firms

Restaurant consulting firms should be chosen based on several factors. Some of these factors seem obvious to anyone looking for restaurant consulting like experience. Pilot Light Hospitality can offer experience to its clients that is hard to beat. We have worked with restaurants throughout the world and in some of the toughest markets. Our consulting experience is also multi-faceted; we have nurtured new restaurant concepts into successful brands, turned struggling restaurants into profitable ventures, and successfully orchestrated brand expansions into new markets. Some factors to consider when choosing a restaurant consulting firm, however, are less obvious…and we excel at those too. We are big believers in being able to pull from a tool box of strategies and solutions to fit tailor made needs of our clients. A successful consulting firm will be able to pull the right tool out to fix the needs of a restaurant in the right situation. It’s not a one size fits all approach and sometimes focusing on an opportunity or weakness that seems minor can enable greater success when tackling the larger needs of a restaurant. Pilot Light Hospitality excels at creating custom consulting plans with their clients.