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Pilot Light Hospitality has decades of experience working with

Restaurant entrepreneurs and restaurant groups across the globe.  Our hospitality management approach has  catered to the needs of clients to create a financial foundation and vision   to achieve success.  We assist in and lead all aspects of hospitality management  with our in-house team of experts working hand in hand with our clients to make sure they are educated in and understand how our recommendations and plan work in the micro and macro levels

What Makes Pilot Light Hospitality Unique?

We imagine a new restaurateur exploring hospitality consultants like ourselves and getting discouraged at the lack of explanation and clear relationships between what it is they think they need and what they are being told they need.  That is why Pilot Light Hospitality has made its number one priority customer service.  Our passion is made even stronger when we hear from our clients what they hope to achieve and present with their new restaurant.  Everyone has a different reason to start a new restaurant and a different goal of what they hope to accomplish.  That is why our hospitality management approach is to excel in capturing those reasons to parlay into realized goals

We Put More Butts in Seats…

Why Hire A Hospitality Management Consultant

Increase profits and build your brand with Pilot Light Hospitality

  • Restaurant Consulting
  • Restaurant Design
  • New Concept Development
  • Financial Strategy and Management
  • Menu Design
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Our team works with you to develop a custom strategy built upon success

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Pilot Light Hospitality Management

Reason #1: We answer our phones and call you back

Reason #2: We work with first time restaurant entrepreneurs

Reason #3: Our team comes to you!

What We Do

As consultants… Our first step is listening to your last steps.

Our restaurant & hospitality management team uses its combined experience to map out solutions that target each client’s individual needs. We pride ourselves on the partnerships we foster with each client. Since no two problems are identical, the same is true of any two solutions. Whether you’re a start-up with a small budget and a big idea, or a seasoned pro overseeing a group of multinational operations, our consultants we’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy that outlines realistic goals and the most effective steps towards achieving them.

We offer zero-obligation restaurant or hospitality consultation, so you have nothing to lose. Contact us by phone at 855-649-5889 or email and let’s discuss how we can best address your needs.

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Hospitality Management Consulting

Our clients’ needs include consulting on things as particular as menu layout and design all the way to as broad as staffing and purchasing strategy. All aspects of a restaurant, when done right, are going to help our clients realize their goals when starting or expanding their restaurant business. When a new client requests our help we discuss with them all aspects of hospitality consulting to identify where to start, where to put their budget, and what to expect next. Our clients are always able to see the light at the end of the tunnel with the expectation to reach it and start anew with another set of steps to achieve even great success. Our dedication to our clients’ needs and goals is what makes Pilot Light’s hospitality consulting successful.

What does a hospitality consultant do?

A hospitality consultant helps a new restaurant entrepreneur or existing restaurant group build a successful business. This includes financial planning, organization structure strategies, and branding. A successful hospitality consultant integrates all aspects of a restaurant business when performing services for best financial results.

Hospitality Management and Consulting Services

Pilot Light Hospitality offers a full range of hospitality management services.  Read more about each of them below:

Restaurant Consulting

Restaurant consulting encompasses a wide range of individual services and strategies.  Pilot Light Hospitality starts with identifying the needs and goals of a client and recommends the best areas to start and build from.  Our restaurant consulting services is better than others because of our focus on customer service.  We start with actually answering our phone and offering a free consultation session.

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Menu Design

Your menu is the heart of the concept. The business plan begins when your culinary vision is developed. How it will perform in your space is where we excel. Beyond creativity, executable and tasty selections, your menu is the financial backbone of your business; its multi faceted success is a reflection of your operation.

A well-planned menu creates positive impact in both your establishment and your bank account.


Charlie Candelas

The Money Man & Problem Solver

Charlie Candelas

The Money Man & Problem Solver

Frank Fronda

Multi-faceted Gastronome

Frank Fronda

Multi-faceted Gastronome

Rodelio Aglibot


Rodelio Aglibot