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Restaurant Menu Design

Your menu is the heart of the concept. The business plan begins when your culinary vision is developed. How it will perform in your space is where we excel. Beyond creativity, executable and tasty selections, your menu is the financial backbone of your business; its multi faceted success is a reflection of your operation.
A well-planned menu creates positive impact in both your establishment and your bank account.

Services Offered:

  • Menu Engineering and Optimization
  • Recipe Documentation (Prep Recipes and Plate Assembly Tutorials)
  • Branding & Brand Development
  • Sourcing/Vendor Selection
  • Product Mix Projections
  • Menu Management Protocols
  • Product launches

Reason #1: Avoid waste and costly mistakes

Reason #2: Improve cash-flow and financial planning

Reason #3: Raise the profit ceiling of your restaurant

Why Hire

Restaurant Design Menu Consultants

Menu design is crucial to capturing new customers and keeping return customers. In a world where your menu is featured in more easily accessible websites and apps customers have the ability to make decisions on whether to visit your restaurant before ever seeing your signage. Our menu consultation service includes the attention to detail from concept to implementation to capture more customers at first touch opportunities like a Google search. Even the naming of your featured dishes can impact revenue year over year.

Don’t worry. We don’t only bring you strategic insights but also have world class chef experience to help you put together your menu offerings. Our team will come to your restaurant and work in your kitchen developing a winning menu that keeps your patrons coming back time after time. Our menu optimization and development team is a major ingredient in our word of mouth revenue generation recipe. When you hire a team like Pilot Light Hospitality everything about your menu is considered from ingredients, menu graphic design, to technological considerations.

How to choose

Menu Design Development Experts Like Pilot Light Hospitality

Menu development is no a precise science and should be approached with that in mind.  When you are deciding if you should hire a menu design consultant you should consider the approach that the team can bring to your restaurant business needs.  For example, Pilot Light Hospitality takes pride on their ability to bring their culinary experience into your kitchen for an analysis of your opportunities and the constraints your staff needs to work with.  Menu design is more than deciding which appetizers and main courses are offered.  It includes the ingredient choices that meets your local produce and taste expectations.  Menu design by Pilot Light Hospitality has our team discussing with your team what kind of capacity you expect during rush hour, during happy hour, on the weekends, etc.  Our menu design consultation is closely tied to an overall restaurant consultation approach which means that your decision to work with us includes a big picture approach.

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How much does it cost to design a menu for a restaurant?

The cost for designing a menu for a restaurant depends on how much you need to get done.  Some restaurants are looking for better branding and physical or digital menu solutions that work better.  Some restaurants are struggling putting together a menu that meets their customer’s palettes or enough different palettes.  A menu design consultation discussion can help you decide what aspects of menu design you need to consider.

How to design a restaurant menu

Designing a restaurant menu should include the following aspects for consideration: What are your local ingredient strengths? What does your clientele expect to see on the menu and what do they expect their order to look like? What is the capacity of your kitchen and staff? What is your overhead and profit margin? And more.