Restaurant Design

Restaurant Design

Restaurant design is one of the most expensive initial investments or renovating expenses that a restaurant has to endure. But is also one of the best opportunities to have fun and be creative. Pilot Light Hospitality attempts to assist you in developing a restaurant concept in a way that makes sure you are enjoying the creative fun parts while we nudge you and remind you in constructive ways to consider long term or unconsidered outcomes based on the directions you want to go.  Our goal is to foster your creativity to create a restaurant concept that is effective and profitable without breaking the budget.


Developing a new restaurant concept is a collaborative process that connects your vision with our expertise. Our nurturing approach will provide a clear directional path to your successful launch.


Services Offered:


  • Restaurant Technology
  • Menu & Recipe Development
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Hospitality Leadership Recruitment
  • Restaurant Design
  • Branding & Brand Development
  • Financial Planning

Reason #1: Avoid waste and costly mistakes

Reason #2: Improve cash-flow and financial planning

Reason #3: Raise the profit ceiling of your restaurant

Why Hire Restaurant Design Consultants?

A worst case scenario we have heard about is an opening day where staff and customers were having issues running into each other more often than needed. We know busy restaurants and bars will always have customer-staff collisions but designing a restaurant’s layout intelligently ahead of time will minimize those moments while streamlining your operations. That is a physical space example…but restaurant design consultation will also prevent you from making expensive visual design choices that either are not noticeable to your customers or wont work with your overall branding vision. Restaurant Design consultants like Pilot Light Hospitality are come into your physical space and apply their expertise and experience to your restaurant so you start off from a place that both more profitable and forward-thinking.



How to Choose Restaurant Design Consultants?

Choosing a restaurant design consultant is a tough thing to do for a variety of reasons. Pilot Light Hospitality recognizes that the first and foremost of those difficult reasons could be the simple fact that your restaurant and it’s vision are your creation…your baby. Believe us, we know how tough it is to allow someone else to come into your new or existing restaurant and provide constructive criticism about your vision and design goals. But Pilot Light Hospitality has the experience in working with individual restaurateurs and restaurant groups managing many personalities and the success of taking the visions of those stakeholders into account to help assist in developing an overall successful restaurant design. We believe that there are many options out there who can tell you what kinds of concepts work and are trendy but not many can tell you those things while making them a part of your goals and dreams as well. That is what Pilot Light Hospitality brings to your restaurant… a team focused on fostering your restaurant design concepts and goals while producing profits and increasing revenue.

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