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Training, both initial and ongoing of all personnel that impact the guest dining experience is the most measurable and telling aspect in the long term success of your business. The discipline required to insure the necessary materials and tools are in place and functioning properly from training outlines to quality training personnel is paramount to the success of your training programs.

The commitment from management to insure initial training is structured to supply the newly hired individual with the tools necessary to seamlessly “fit” into the service experience without inconveniencing the guest experience requires planning and a high level of communication throughout the organization. While insuring that the concept message is delivered as to what are the keys to the brands integrity.

Ongoing and progressive training of current personnel is critical to the health of the organization as it continually motivates the quality performers and energizers staff who observe that there is opportunity for advancement if so desired. With these promotions comes the required detailed training of the new position again to insure a seamless transition.

Then there is the financial balancing by management to insure proper training is being conducted while at the same time the financial results of the organization are being met. This too comes from proper planning and communication.

In the end the organizations that maintain a healthy training environment for all personnel typically lead their segment of the industry be it QSR, Casual or Fine Dining, as properly trained staffed is the “backbone” of any organization. Benefits?   happier employees, less turnover, more productivity, seamless operations.

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As the comment was made, “why train them if they are only going to leave?”, but what if they don’t?