MOFAD (MUSEUM OF FOOD AND DRINK) in Brooklyn- exhibits you can eat…

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MOFAD (MUSEUM OF FOOD AND DRINK) in Brooklyn- exhibits you can eat…

MOFAD seeks to advance public understanding of the culture, history, science, production, and commerce of food and drink. The museum currently operates MOFAD Lab, an exhibit design studio and gallery space in Brooklyn, NY, where Flavor: Making It and Faking It is now on show.

Supported by a diverse community of donors, volunteers, and partners, MOFAD is working toward a global center for learning with multiple exhibition galleries, program and workshop space, a garden, café, and more. Join the effort by donatingjoining, or volunteering.

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Everyone eats. People of all ages and backgrounds, from picky and apathetic eaters to gastronomes and food lovers, should care about food.

Informed eaters are better eaters. They make better choices for their taste buds, health, community, and environment.

Food is culture. It is more than simply what is on our plates: it is a common denominator of human relationships.

Food is personal. People should be approached with a non-judgmental attitude about their diet.

Food is participatory. To best learn about food, you must taste, smell, and think.

Food is fun. A positive, non-fear-based outlook is the best way to approach food education.

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