check out NYC’s best NEW pizzerias

While it seems that we already have an abundance of pizza options here in NYC, not just representing our own clearly defined style, but also numerous regional variations, there’s always room for more. Case in point: Detroit-style, a form heretofore unknown in NYC but now represented by Emmy Squared. The new pizzeria from husband and wife team of Matt and Emmy Hyland tops our list of hottest new pizzerias in NYC, but things don’t cool off at all as we make our way from there. We have pizza from renowned chefs like Tim Cushman, Laurent Tourondel, and the crew from Charlie Bird, as well as old school classics like Joe’s Pizza branching out into Brooklyn and a retro-1970’s take on NYC street style from pizza whiz Scarr Pimentiel. We even have room for vegan pizza from chef Matthew Kenney. Here then are the hottest pizzerias in NYC right now:

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