Rodelio Aglibot

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Rodelio Aglibot


Chef Rod is constantly receiving accolades for his culinary accomplishments. He has appeared on a number of TV shows focused on food creation and delivery.

As a restaurant owner, operator, and consultant, Rod focuses on the creative side of the food industry. He excels at finding ways to innovate and excite in ways that foster brand cohesion. Rod’s skills have been tested, proven, and honed in multiple venues both throughout the US and across the globe.


  • Oversaw all culinary creations of a 15 unit Fine Dining restaurant concepts owned by BLT
  • Executive Chef at Sunda New Asian, which was voted the Best New Restaurant in 2009),
  • The Executive Chef and owner of Yi Cuisine in Los Angeles, which received multiple awards as One of the Best New Asian Restaurants in LA.
  • Koi Restaurant, Executive Chef
  • Designed the kitchen for the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica
  • Blowfish Sushi, Menu Development & Design
  • And, Mendocino Farms with Operations and Menu Design

Rod’s experiences with many levels of the Food Service industry span multiple years in a vast era of hospitality businesses providing him a unique expert look at many, if not all, of the operations for a restaurant. His skill set includes:


  • Menu Creation
  • Individual Development
  • Concept Design
  • Restaurant Openings
  • Cost Control
  • Expertise in Ethnic Foods
  • Skills Training
  • Kitchen Operational Efficiencies
  • Pairing Wines and Craft Beers with Food
  • Marrying Craft Beers with Food

Though he’s clearly proud of his culinary achievements, Chef Rod’s other passion is giving back to the community. He’s founded numerous charitable organizations to focus today’s youth on the benefits of our industry.

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