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“Second to none!!”

Simple. Fresh. Bowls. “Poké” {Poh-Kay} – Hawaiian, “to cut” or “to dice”

At Southfin, you can choose from several Chef composed poke bowls or get inspired to customize your own using an array of fresh seafood, healthy ingredients and house made island sauces. Pair your bowl with an assortment of beverages, including our own agua frescas or a tropical culinary cocktail. Finish your meal with a trip to our “Dessert Bar” to create your own dessert Poke bowl using locally made ice cream and sorbet, with a variety of fresh toppings.


Experience matters and after being in the business and opening numerous stores over my 20 year career,  I learned quickly that Pilot Light Hospitality is the true difference maker.  The thorough nature of all of their services, the knowledge of restaurant processes and training techniques, combined with an extraordinary culinary knowledge allowed us to outperform our expectations in opening our latest concept.  And more importantly Pilot Light Hospitality has given us the tools to reinforce our service and hospitality platform going forward.  They genuinely care about their clients success and our experience with them is “Second to None”


J. Stephen Hightower

Director of Operations

City Pork Hospitality Group

Southfin Southern Poke’

225- 266-6410



Whether you are on the go for a quick bite or dining in for a relaxing experience, Southfin can satisfy all of your cravings, Gulf to Table.

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  1. PilotLight
    April 12, 2017

    CONGRATULATIONS on the opening and for all the success @southfinpoke

    • PilotLight
      April 26, 2017


    • PilotLight
      April 26, 2017

      thank you!

  2. PilotLight
    April 12, 2017

    Amazing poké at @southfinpoke

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